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Found the mobile site.

But cannot read my posts, or friends post.

So, looks like I'm back to using the regular site, filtered through Google so that the HTML code doesn't go all Mondrian on me.
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What's In Your Collection?

It all started
here, when Tom Spurgeon listed fifty items a comicbook collector should have in his or her collection. (1, 3, lots of 4, 5, 6, 8 -11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21 - 25, 28, 29 (in spades), 31, 33, 37 - 39, 41, 43 - 45, 48 - 50) So then Chris gets in the act, and lists twenty-five more possibilities. Well, this got me thinking, and since I've been a serious collector since 1984 (Amazing Spider-Man #254) or 1979 (if you include MAD Magazine), I'm gonna make my own list. It might reach 25, or I might just get lazy and ask anyone out there to include more.

1) Any comicbook or comicstrip collection from before 1986 which contains an introduction from a famous person. I have a letterbox B.C. collection with an intro by Rod Serling, and a mass market paperback of Barnaby with a letter from Dorothy Parker.

2) At least one adult prose novel about comicbooks or superheroes which is NOT based on a licensed property. "
Superfolks" is the easiest and best known, but I also like "Soon I Will Be Invincible" and "From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain". Score extra points if the book is in a different genre, such as romance or mystery.

3) A smattering of DC Digests. Extra point if at least one of the copies is a "Years Best " collection.

4) At least one treasury edition or done-in-one issue of a crossover between two different publishing companies. Extra point if it is cross-genre as well, such as "Archie Meets the Punisher".

5) An obscure book that is so good and so rare that you purchase any copies you can find, just in case something happens to the other copies you own.

6) Any guilty pleasure. Superhero gorilla stories. Red Kryptonite.
Celebrity appearances in Marvel Comics. Licensed characters in educational comics. Licensed characters appearing in freebie comics promoting another product. Superhero time travelers meeting famous people. Fictional stories about celebrities.

7) A low-budget or
foreign superhero movie. Extra point if you made the movie yourself in your backyard with a video or 8mm camera. Extra extra point if you post it on the Internet for others to see.

A home-brewed video collection of your favorite cartoon. Extra point if commercials are included.

9) A completely worthless copy of a
comicbook you value so much that you keep it in a mylar sleeve.

10) A report, essay, project, dissertation you wrote based on comicbooks. Extra point if you got an "A". Extra point if it was a presentation in front of a group of people who weren't comicbook fans.

11) At least one copy of a non-comics magazine which features a comicbook character or property on the cover. (Movie tie-ins do NOT count.) Extra point if the magazine predates 1984. Extra point if the magazine is scholarly in nature.

12) Any non-comics project created by a comicbook creator. Opera, fashion, television shows...

13) Any generic comics-inspired merchandise.

14) A picture of yourself in a comicbook-related Halloween costume. Extra point if you have a picture of your girlfriend/boyfriend so dressed. Extra point if
the picture shows both of you wearing complimentary costumes. Extra point if it's a picture of your pet, baby, or parent. Extra point if the costume is homemade. Extra point if anyone asked you who were dressed as.

15) A licensed comicbook
food product. Extra point if the container is unopened.

[Can't think of any more... anyone want to share?]
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This is my first post here, so please be gentle!

As I like to tell people (especially charming (as in bewitching, not as in princing) women), I'm not old, I'm experienced!   Been fooling around with computers ever since my grade school's PTA bought an Apple ][ (a black Apple, manufactured under license with Bell & Howell, with an external 5.25" floppy drive).   Why, I've been using the Internet before there were pictures!   (Oh, there were pictures, but we had to make them with ASCII characters, and then stand five feet away and squint at the monitor to figure out what it was.)  As a matter of fact, I still have some printouts on those big, football field line printers!   Such a geek...  it's Sandman Annotations...  

Which brings me to warn you who I am and what I'm not ashamed to share with the Wild Wide World!

My first passion?   Comic books.  Comic strips.  Editorial cartoons.  Animated cartoons.  Some more than others, but if it's free, I'll look at it!  If it's good, I'll buy it!  If it's great, I'll recommend it!

My second passion?  Flirting.  Making women smile.  Yeah, I'm one of those weirdos who has a smile fetish.  (Gots lots of other ones too...  ain't picky.  Whatever turns you on.  If you can't make up your mind, I'll schedule a session where I use various Purity Tests to determine your proclivities.  If you prefer, I'll even use a Churmin accent undt prrrrobe your deep seetit zykosis.  Ja?)   Oh, and if I know the guy well enough, I'll flirt with him too!   (Sometimes I just talk the talk, sometimes I dance the horizontal watusi.)

I know a lot about pop culture, some of it much older than I am.  I know who the "All-American Boy" was  (No, it's not Steve Rogers), what he ate for breakfast, and who his illegitimate child is.  

I'm a polymath, although not a Renaissance Man.  (Not that driven.)  I love puzzles, love learning new things (I spend more time on Wikipedia than I do on YouTube), and have all sorts of weird, interesting, fascinating, disturbing ideas stuck in my head. 

Any questions?  Go ahead and ask, but remember the Cardinal Rule of Inquiry: Never ask a question if you don't want to hear the answer.

Nice to meet you!   Hope to see you soon!