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Barnes & Noble Graphic Novel Bestsellers 11/30/2008

As of approximately 13:00 EST, 30 November 2008, the following titles were among the top 1000 titles as calculated by 

Sales Rank    Title (with link) and EAN/ISBN      List Price / Price (without member card)   Notes

Marvel Chronicle  9780756641238    50.00 / 35.00

183    Dark Tower: The Long Road Home (Premiere Hardcover) 
9780785135739    24.99 / 17.49   Holiday Gift Guide   Graphic Novel homepage

DC Comics Encyclopedia, Updated and Expanded  9780756641191    40.00 / 24.00   Holiday Gift Guide   Graphic Novel homepage

Watchmen  9780930289232 (1995 trade paperback edition)   19.99 / 13.99   Holiday Gift Guide

The Marvel  Comics Encyclopedia: A Complete Guide to the Characters of the Marvel Universe  9780756623586    45.00 / 31.50   Holiday Gift Guide

Watchmen  9781401219260    (general hardcover edition, 2008)   39.99 / 27.99   Holiday Gift Guide

In Odd We Trust  9780345499660    10.95 / 9.85   Holiday Gift Guide

Joker  9781401215811    19.99 / 13.99  

Welcome to the Jungle  9780345507464   19.95 / 13.96  

The Absolute Sandman, Volume One  9781401210823    99.00 / 69.30

Watchmen: The Absolute Edition  9781401207137    75.00 / 52.50   Holiday Gift Guide

737   The-DC-Vault: A Museum-in-a-Book with Rare Collectibles from the DC Universe  9780762432578    49.95 / 34.96   Holiday Gift Guide

The Absolute Sandman, Volume Four  9781401210854   99.00 / 69.30

DC is the big winner here, with eight of thirteen titles.  Of these eight, SEVEN are priced at $40 or more, with THREE absolute editions.  (Additionally, Absolute Sandman #2 and #3 are posting at #1399 and #2616 respectively, with the other Absolute editions selling much lower.)  This might lend credence to the "comics are recession proof" theory, which will help both comicbook and bookstore retailers.  Also worth noting is that all three regular editions of "Watchmen" are selling nicely.

It is also worth noting that many of the titles above are gift books, which appeal to two distinct markets: gift givers who wish for "something extra special" for their comicbook-loving loved one, and comicbook fans who think nothing of spending $20 for a variant issue of a $3.99 comicbook or $50 for a hardcover graphic novel.  (It should be noted that many of the titles listed above are holiday promotions, and discounted.  The listing of twenty-four holiday graphic novels can be found

[At 14:10 EST, the Marvel Chronicle posted a sales rank of #99. 
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last-Straw

was posted at #45, but will not be available until January 13, 2009.  Other titles in the series were at #56, #85, and #111.]

From the home page of, I search by the phrase "graphic novels".  Once that search loads, I select the "bestsellers" link located beneath "Browse Graphic Novels".  I then scan the first fifty titles as does not list the titles by rank.  If I find any titles posted at #30-50, I then meticulously scan the next fifty titles.  (There is also a "Current Bestsellers " panel on the right-hand side of the Graphic Novels homepage.  That listing does not correlate to the Sales Rank listed for each title, so I do not make note of it, as I do not know their methodology.)

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