January 15th, 2009

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this is a test...

This is a test.
This will count towards your final grade, and thus will also affect your permanent record, which will determine your future socioeconomic status and how many regrets you will contemplate upon your deathbed.
Let's begin!

Compare and contrast Shakespere's Hamlet with Homer's The Illiad. Was Shakespeare inspired or influenced by Homer? Consider family dynamics, intrigue, politics, and extramarrital affairs in your answer.

Define the Multiverse. Give three examples.

What is oppposite of "Time"?

The test proctor is an underpaid graduate student. Negotiate your final grade using any economic priciples. Be certain to rationlize any and all ethical, moral, and legal decisions.

Scientists have discovered that skunk spray, when applied topically, rejuvenates skin. Create a brand identity and marketing plan that positions this product as a luxury item.

Underneath your seat you will find a picture of an obscure superhero. Create a belief system complete with rituals, hierarchies, gospel, and prophecy.
Extra credit will be given to any student demonstrating practical application during the examination.

A two-dimensional circle has an area defined as the square of the radius multiplied by the constant Pi. A three-dimensional sphere has a volume defined as the cube of the radius multiplied by four-thirds and the constant Pi. How many circles does it take to fill a sphere with an equal radius?

If humans and chimpanzees share 98% of the same DNA, should chimpanzees be allowed to drive a car?