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SCRIPT: Battleground State: Introduction

Back in the Autumn of 2004, I attended a course at NYU in comicbook and graphic novel writing taught by Danny Fingeroth. One assignment was to write a ten-page story on a type of story each student despised. The only type of comicbook story I can't stand is the self-published, drawn-with-a-ball-point-pen, minicomic. Since that's more of a style than a story, I instead opted for the nothing-but-slobberknocker fight fest.

In the back of my head, I had an idea: "What if there were two Supermen? What if they had differing ideologies? Which one is wrong? The other guy is!" So I took that, pasted it onto the classic "The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue!" story printed in Superman #162, and then added Scott McCloud's classic "Destroy!" as the plot.

Written in October 2004, during the last election, "Battleground State" features two more-similar-than-different superheroes running for president. As our story opens, "Ultraman Red" is giving a stump speech to the party faithful in Tallahassee, Florida, when Ultraman Blue arrives...

Read on, and enjoy!

(One note... Using Google, I researched various images for reference. If you happen to be the owner of the image and take offense at my usage, please let me know. I am making no money from their use, and even if this comic is published, they would only be used by the artist for reference.)
Tags: introduction, political satire, script, superheroes, superman

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